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Club Ethos

Players are expected to accept and conform to the philosophy that the team is greater than any one individual. Players are expected to strive to build and maintain team spirit as the key factor in creating a cohesive team.

All players within a particular year group will be coached together to improve for example technical skills, tactical play, team strategy and mental development.

Players will be given an equal opportunity to develop and improve.

It is expected that players will act in a positive manner at all times when representing the Club.

The aim is to achieve a balance between enjoyment and pressure, competitiveness and sportsmanship.

Success on the field is brought about by the success of the team off the field and we therefore encourage the support of players’ families and their contribution to the Club’s development.

Our ethos supports the following statement;

  • Play within the laws of the game
  • Be competitive and sportsmanlike
  • Abide by the decisions of your Manager and/or Coach
  • No swearing / foul language
  • Respect and accept decisions of the referee and other match officials. Dissent is unacceptable and the Club will not be responsible for fines incurred by players who receive yellow or red cards for dissent or foul language
  • Spectators are encouraged to support the team
  • Only the Manager/Coach will issue instructions from the sidelines – it is confusing to players if spectators try to influence play, however well meaning their intentions
  • Decisions of Club officials in respect of team selection to be abided with