lightning safetyGuidelines for Thunder and Lightning on Training Sessions

From time to time we will experience some adverse weather conditions in the form of thunder and lightning.

To ensure we protect our players and spectators at training, the club would like everyone to adopt the ‘30/30’ guidelines used by ‘The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents’. As research shows that people struck by lightning are predominantly hit before and after the peak of the storm. This means that you should be thinking about the proximity of the lightning, not the occurrence of rain.


The 30/30 rule provides a good way of ensuring one is sheltering during the most risky parts of the storm, it proposes:

  • that if the flash to bang is 30 seconds in length or less you should seek shelter.
  • staying inside this shelter is advised until 30 minutes past the last clap of thunder.

This ensures that any distant strikes at the beginning of the storm (lightning can travel up to 10 miles), or trailing storm clouds at the back of the storm do not take anyone by surprise.

More information on this can be found at: